Whether you want to take a personal vacation or have a business trip that needs planning, I can help you in both departments.

For Leisure vacations I will help you with all aspects of your travel.  I will help you book a hotel, villa, inn,  as well as cruise reservations.  I will also help with all aspects of ground transportation such as car rentals, transfers, or travel by train. I will even take care of concierge services like restaurant reservations and spa treatments! I myself travel often and know a thing or two about traveling for leisure as well as for business.

For Business travel I will help with all aspects of your business trip as well.  I will take care of all the needs and expectations of your business travelers. I will take care of hotel, air, car, rail, and more if needed.  I am here to make sure your business trip runs smoothly and without any problems or glitches.

Ruth’s Top Shelf

What’s the Top Shelf, you ask?
It’s my compendium of travel treats for the most discriminating of travelers….those who value their business and leisure time equally, and have the highest expectations for both:

  • Luxury Air Travel
  • Private Yacht Charters
  • Luxury Hotel Collection: Spas, Resorts, Boutique Hotels
  • Chic Wedding Venues
  • Golf Adventures
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Exotic Destinations

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