A Recent Testimonial

By July 25, 2012Testimonials

Here’s a recent testimonial from one of our clients.

Ruth Rudnick/Travel Showcase has been the absolute best travel agent that we have ever dealt with. She is honest, professional, and really knows her stuff when it comes to picking the right vacation spot for you. She understands most importantly how important vacations are to people. She has never steered us wrong when it comes to picking a vacation spot/hotel to fit your budget/taste.

We have been dealing with Ruth for the past 6 six years in planning all of our vacations and it has always been an absolute pleasure, and never a disappointment. When Ms. Ruth tells you what she going to do for you, you can trust that she is going to do just that, and always keeps you in the loop of what is going on with your vacation and even goes the extra mile, after your vacation to telephone you, to see how your vacation experience was and if you were pleased.

If you’re looking for a great travel agent to book you the vacation of your dreams, destination wedding, cruise or a small get away, etc… you have definitely found the best. We guarantee you will be happy with your choice and never disappointed.

Tonya and Tre
Boston, MA